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A new week calls for a more mindful approach, and we are here to beat the Monday blues with you πŸ€— Today, we ask you to take 5 minutes from your day to slow down and do this grounding exercise with us:

1. The first step is to look around your surroundings and name 5 things you can see. E.g., β€œI can see a bottle in front of me.” πŸ‘€

2. The second step is to notice 4 things that you can touch/feel. E.g., β€œI can touch the keys of my laptop.” 🀚

3. The third step is to listen to 3 things around you. E.g., β€œI can hear a bird chirping.” πŸ‘‚

4. The fourth step is to notice 2 things that you can smell. β€œE.g., I can smell my perfume.” πŸ‘ƒ

5. The final step is to focus on 1 thing you can taste or want to taste. β€œE.g., I can taste my bubblegum.” πŸ˜›

We hope this exercise helps you have a slower, more settled day 🧑 #mindfulmondays

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