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A narcissistic personality is extremely unhealthy and self absorbing in nature. You place yourself at a very high pedestal and you can never see yourself fall even when you actually are.

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7 replies

Avni @avni

One of the most energy absorbing people. smh.

Rin @nm_user_1586183466058

Yes, they cannot find their own positive energy so they intentionally and calculatingly, steal other’s a energy and internal resources at whatever cost. They are vampires and should be seen as a problem and not as victims. Please sign the petition at to make narcisstic abuse illegal in America as several other countries have already done.

No one 111 @jarul

Don’t @ me but you gotta be wrong to fall

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

They are difficult to deal with, yes. But we must be empathetic towards them too as they are going through their own internal struggles as well.

Rin @nm_user_1586183466058

No, you must NEVER be empathetic with a narcisstic person. That is untrue. You may have some sympathy in your heart but it should never cloud or excuse their behaviour. It is dumb to give a narcissist empathy because that is what they are attempting to elicit out of a person they will later trash. Read about narcisstic abuse. Showing empathy is enabling them and allowing yourself to be fed off of by a vampire who will NEVER RETURN YOUR BLOOD OR FEELINGS. it’s more important to stop projecting empathy at someone who’s survival choice is to dominate and manipulate.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

There’s a thin line between narcissism and self obsession. The former is truly negative. I agree with you.

Rin @nm_user_1586183466058

Their high pedestal is a giant compensation for their self hatred and a trick to prevent people from seeing their true selves, so they won’t have to either. Narcisstic people are not just unhealthy, they are dangerous to healthy, unhealthy and innocent  people. They use their high pedestal to prevent any external or internal accountability ever happening for their actions towards others. I agree they don’t see themselves falling when they are.


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