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Avni @avni

A lot of the times the benchmarks for having achieved in life are seen as the amount we make,the post we hold or how famous we can get. I wish it wasnt so. Some of us are trying really hard trying to make everyday mean something. I am sorry if I cannot travel multiple continents, have a job that pays close to lakhs or be extremely physically attractive as per your liking but if you knew the turmoil that goes on inside every fucking day and the fact that i still try to work so damn hard to not give upon me, you’d be pretty fucking amazed. This is no shade to other people who have achieved a lot that is tangibly seen but i am so done with the comparisons and the quiet dismissals and the unconscious blows to self esteem.

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Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

One thing I have learnt is that someone will always be better than us. So if we compare, we will never stop. Let us just do things that make us satisfied in ourselves and help us grow.

Piyali @piyalisengupta

The society loves superfluous things. They would only appreciate your struggle if you become famous. Fame is again subjective. But still.
I completely agree with you. Nobody gives a damn about the efforts a normal person puts in to fit into the job we are doing or to fit into the society we are staying. The only way forward is ignorance. Because we actually do not have an option to give up. We need to fight this world and keep ourselves sane at the same time.
Dont worry. We are all fighting with you and stand strong with you. All the best :) Its going to turn just fine.


Preach sister. Say it louder for the ones at the back. It’s like that meme on equality vs equity. No 2 Circumstances are ever the same, and I don’t mean just from a financial POV. Each person battles their own struggles, and it would be great if people just started to socialise by playing a game of ludo or snakes and ladders because clearly, the small talk isn’t really getting us anywhere and seems like a petty attempt at showing off and putting the other person down. PSA: Just live your life, without blowing your own trumpet and let others live theirs.


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