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A long distance relationship is hard. Very hard. You impatiently wait for months and months altogether to see one glimpse of your favourite person. But you still smile through, counting days until you see them again. My relationship is a blessing to me. It’s everything that I could’ve asked for. Yet there’s a vaccum somewhere. I am overly emotional and way too attached, and this leads to me having separation anxiety every once a while. My partner is leaving for 11 months to a different distant city for a training. The training involves no contact with the outside world, and barely a week of mid term holidays. This means that for 11 months in a row , we’d not be in touch. I would however receive one call per week ( this has been assured to me by my partner ). But still thinking about that time and those days , gives me so much grief. I realise that maybe I have become way too dependent on the relationship. And my well being / happiness entirely is governed by the status of my relationship. And I know that this is wrong; I am an individual at the end of the day. But still I burst into a fit of tears everytime I think about not being able to talk to him everyday. I feel lonely, incomplete. And the worst part is that he is very strong. He knows how to deal with his emotions. I know he loves me very much and will always do. I have that assurance.
Still I do not know why I keep getting anxious. And why I can’t express my anxiety to him ( I feel as if this thing would bother him unnecessarily and right now I just want him to focus on his training ahead )

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Hey man, I have also been in LDR and I can totally understand it is frustrating and annoying more so if you are an emotional person.
But we can look at the bright side too , LDR gives you enough space to try new things, and time to explore new career.
I would suggest you can try to some new hobby and try not to be very dependent on your partner.
And talking about coming phase of 11 months ,you can try some creative ideas , go old school write letters each day thinking you are talking to them and when you will meet you can share those letters.
Come up with such interesting things , cheers and best of luck


Hey ! That’s so overwhelmingly calming to read. Thank you for your ideas and support. The thing about ’ writing letters ’ didn’t come to my mind at all. I’m glad you came up with such a thought :-) will definitely try to stay positive and motivated


Sure , I am really glad i can help. Best of luck :)


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