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Sansthita @sansthita

A gentle reminder- trolling any celebrity, denouncing their career, slut-shaming them or hating them, is not going to make your own life better. It will just increase those sublime angsts that you have kept hidden in the deepest recesses of your soul. So, try being kind to others and to yourself too. The pandemic has given us a hard time with our minds and emotions. Avoid watching reality shows and getting into fandom wars. Those celebrities were paid lots of money for doing whatever they did, but the comments you write on their posts, is not fetching you any money. All that it is doing, is ruining your soul and of course your mental health. So don’t believe in those scripted shows. You see only what the channel head wants you to see. The celebrity you hate, might be an adorable and sensitive human, just like you. Why would you want to hurt yourself? Showbiz industry isn’t easy and nor is your life, so why pollute your mind? You deserve nothing but happiness. So take care of yourself first. The celeb you love, doesn’t need you. He/she is surrounded by a lot of other people and not to mention swanky cars and money. Sorry, thoda lamba ho gaya. But I just felt that I should say this… Baaki, I know everyone here is super nice and intelligent. Love you my sweethearts.

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Agreed idk y some worry about soo much about them
u have your own life
It’s their job to entertain us that’s all
Let them be happy n u also be happy

Sansthita @sansthita


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Simran @st1199

Thanks for sharing that with us.
Yes, we shouldn’t even compare our lives to them and everyone has their own life to live and we don’t personally know them as a person to judge and all. 😊

Sansthita @sansthita

Yesss. I personally do not like these reality show at all. They make you love one celebrity at the cost of hating others. Anything that spreads hate, should be avoided. Tbh, I have never watched any reality shows. It did crazy things to people I knew.

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Simran @st1199

I don’t agree that it makes you hate others, it’s the characters that are built in that manner.
It totally depends on how the person is perceiving it and should keep it there and not imply it in real life.

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