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🌼 7-Day Happiness Challenge 🌼

If you’re happy and you know it, share with us!

Hey Fam! 👋

Hope your day was as bright as the sun!

“To be happy you must be your own sunshine”. Sunshine here refers to forms of happiness. Thus, this saying is partially true as sunshine also exists in other forms - in the people around us.

There are some people that are the light of our lives and are like that ray of hope when times are dark. 💫

Day 5 of our Ongoing Happiness Challenge is about those people who act like Sunshine in our lives.

Sometimes, we have to look around us and recognise the people who are the sunshine of our lives. 🌞

The 7-Day Happiness Challenge

In our quest to find happiness, we often overlook the little things in life which can bring us joy. The motive of this challenge is to look for happiness in every corner!

Day 5- Sunshine ☀️

People who bring us happiness are forms of Sunshine.

Challenge: Tell us about 3 people who are a constant source of happiness in your life. It can be anyone, your parents, a friend or even your pet!

Share now in the comments down below! 🧡

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My three people are- my parents, my best friend and my dog. Can’t do without them 🤗❤️


1. My friend when I am dull she cries before I do , she gets anger on the people who are reason for my sadness . She celebrates my special days more than I do .Her love towards me always makes me feel happy.
2 . My pup I don’t know why but I will automatically laugh and all my bad mood will vanish by seeing it.
3 . my parents are always the reason to my happiness . Though they are in busy jobs they still make time for me .


Such friends are definitely keepers! Pets and family are constant sources of sunshine, no matter what ❤️


Yes ❤️


1- my best friend , whom I share everything and she shares everything with me . She brings me loads of sunshine
2 - my parents , even after loads of fights or arguments this bond is always special
3 - my two dogs , I am extremely attached to them and they just lighten my mood and bring that happiness.

Great work keep it up 😊


That’s so sweet. Such bonds are truly one of a kind. And especially our bonds with our pets, they’re a different kind of love! Thank you for sharing ❤️


1 - My best friends. I have three, and they always hand me an umbrella when the rain starts. Actually, that’s a bad metaphor - we never hide from the rain.
2 - My fourth grade teacher. Though I have since left her class, she was the only teacher I had that understood me. All of my teacher has a sense of awareness that I was gifted and weird, but she’s the only one that related and embraced it.
3 - Paper. I don’t know if that counts, but it’s as close to a person as you can get. When I feel really any emotion that isn’t content, I turn to one of my many notebooks and write.



Wow… how different yet relatable! Thank you for sharing 🌸




1. My mom: Being a single mother, I know the kind of effort it takes in for her to be there for me. I am so grateful for it. Being in a different country it is sometimes tough to keep in touch but just 5 minutes seeing her face on video call, my whole day lightens up.

2. My brother: Seeing the innocent side of a 10 year old and the wonder in his eyes, it is happiness like i have never known before,

3. my bestfriend: Chatting with her, knowing that I can be myself unapologetically with her is truly precious!


Such precious relationships are what life is truly about ❤️