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4 years ago, when i was a first-year bachelor’s student, i fell in love with the person who i knew would never love me back (he is gay). Eventually, we became close friends. We had our ups and downs, and this person is one of the closest friends for me right now. I thought that being just friends was totally ok for me. But i have failed to notice for quite a long time that this friendship has only cause me pain, despite all the good things that it has brought to my life, as I’m never going to be satisfied with just being friends. What is more, this relationship has definitely been complicating my life, as this person has become my addiction and obsession. All this time my life has been revolving around him. I know that the best solution for me is to stop any contact with this person for some time, but I don’t want to destroy this friendship and lose this person for good. I don’t know what to do.

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Hey im here dont be scared i know u love him as a person and as a man i know u dont want to let him go but if you keep going ur going to keep hurting ur self more did u tell him u had feelings for him if he reject or dont answer dont push it make peace in your heart and understand that if u push it further u might hurt him to

i hope this help if not im sooo sorry i couldnt help 😞😊


Hey, I have been in a situation like this myself (one sided love). And let me tell you this: you cannot force life. Life happens when its the right time and people. And just like an addiction it might be very very hard to get over him, but once you do, you will feel this amazing strength in you and you won’t feel the need of him. Babe, there are many beautiful things in life and loving someone who won’t love you back in the same way, is not one of them. So in case of your situation, the sooner you try to maintain your distance from him (although don’t make it too obvious) the better. Try to find love in other amazing things apart from him - like your hobbies and passion. Something you really care about and can change. I know there will be plenty. And even when you will feel as if nothing is as amazing as him, try to stick around. Trust me he won’t be the last thing. And just let go, like sand off your palm, slowly and freely, go with the flow really. If someone is meant to stay they will. If someone is not meant to be, it’s as if you are making them stay against their will. And it won’t be real.


Loving a person who you know will not love you back needs a lot of courage so hats off to you for that.
You love this person even after he did not respond the way you wanted him to i am sure he is very special. If you are fortunate enough to have a person in your life who is that lovable i am also hopefull that when you communicate this problem of yours to him he will understand and do the rightful.
I dont think you need to stop contacting him but then you need to prioritize your needs and your betterment over this relationship.
you need to take the steps that are needed for your betterment.
Talk to him take a break be his friend but look after your overself meet new people talk to them .


Hey! I am so sorry that you are in a situation like this…i know its hard to not have the person you love , love you back… but if something causes you too much pain its best to distance yourself from it. Take a little break to reflect on yourself, work out realistic expectations of your friendship and make peace with the fact that sometimes we always don’t get what we want! I hope things get better soon, lots of love


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