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🌸 4-Day Count Your Blessings Challenge 🌸

The Attitude of Gratitude.
Feeling blessed, never stressed!

Hey guys!

It is a popular saying that having gratitude helps us stay grounded in life, as it acts as a constant reminder for us to realise the blessings life has bestowed us with.

But remembering to be thankful every day for what you have is something one often forgets.

Thus, with the help of these challenges, we hope to remind you to be grateful towards life and it’s many blessings because a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. 💫

The more thankful I became the more bounty increased. That’s because for sure what you focus on expands. When you focus on the goodness in life, you create more of it. - Oprah Winfrey

Day 2 of our Ongoing Count Your Blessings Challenge is about humility, gratitude and staying humble. 🥰

4-Day Count Your Blessings Challenge 💫

The idea of this challenge is to count our blessings and have gratitude every day.

Day 2- Keep gratitude, stay humble

Having gratitude makes us stay humble.

Challenge: Who are the 5 people in your life you are grateful for? It can be your parents, siblings, your house help, a friend or anyone who makes your life better.

Share now in the comments down below! 🧡

Post anonymously?

1 - My friends.
2 - My parents.
3 - My teachers.
4 - My therapist.
5 - Everyone on here who has helped me and others.


Thank you for sharing! ❤️




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