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deadbutalive @anonymoushun...

you’re imperfect. you suck at telling people how you feel. you’ve habits that you can’t let go. you drink too much of coffee and you don’t like to be told that your art is bad.

on most days, your phone calls have uncomfortable silences and you don’t open up. and then, there are days you don’t disconnect the call until it’s 3 am.

you put yourself first, sometimes. you bail out of plans when you don’t feel like going. you cancel dates at the last minute. you walk out of the room when you have an argument with your parents. you aren’t easy to love.

you have your flaws. you trust too often. you love too hard. you find it hard to let go. it’s not easy with you. little things hurt you. you tell the wrong people your secrets. these are your little imperfections.

but it’s okay. sometimes, you don’t have to apologize for being yourself, for being someone who is not good with people.

just don’t be too hard on yourself. you’re not perfect. you are imperfect and so is everyone else. all humans are imperfect.

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