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Your soul shatters when your own people show their true colors, betray you, disrespect you. I never in my whole life thought something like this would happen. My eyes are wet as I write this but a part of me is broken. I am never talking to anyone again till my last breath. This is the end. Finally. Forever

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Hi dear one
Thank you so much for expressing n opening up…
Heart breaks cause a lot of pain…n agony
U know what dear
Life is very very dynamic n unpredictable
N so are ppl n relations…
Ppl change very easily
Situations change a person…
N yes some ppl do wear a mask on their face
N someday their true colours or real face is exposed…
All this is very unfortunate…
But this isnot ur fault…
No at all
So why are you punishing urself…
You deserve so much happiness n love in ur life…
I know it is easy for me to write
But pls dear
Let bygones be bygones
Stop getting hurt for ppl who betrayed u
Start loving n pampering urself
Some ppl come in ur life to make u strong
To teach u a lesson a hard way…

Pls take a very good care of urself
All will be fine
You will set everything fine.
Good luck.
More power,strength light to u.

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Sneha Anand @sneha08

Hi there! I can figure out how upset you’re and ofcourse you have your own reasons. Just wanna say, look out for people who really care for you and I wanna say one thing, that it’s time that we stop taking shit from anyone just because he or she is close to you. If you feel disrespected, or people don’t treat you well, you’ve every right to walk off.

Just don’t shunn everyone off. I hope you find people, who genuinely care for you as you deserve the best. 🌻


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