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Janhvi S. @janhvi_shah

Your goal while dating is for it to succeed. Even though you believe your current partner is the one for you, things sometimes do not work out as expected. Breakups occur for a variety of reasons; occasionally you end it, and other times the other person does. Even though splitting up is difficult for both parties, research shows that the partner receiving the breakup finds it more difficult to handle. Grief is the most common emotion that people experience after a breakup, and from my practice, one lesson that I would want to impart is that you should give yourself the space you need to process the range of emotions that come with that phase as well as reach out for support. Asking for help is not being weak.

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Hey … um sorry its not related to what you said. I just want to ask … What happened to this app. Like how do i share my thought. I came here after a long time… Its not what i remember


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