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diya rayan @diya16

You thought I didn’t enjoy your company because of the way I seldom gave any input…
You believed you didnt mean much to me becU6of my nonchalant demeanor…
You assumed I wasn’t carefully listening because of how detached and aloof I used to come off…
I wish I was articulate enough to tell you tht every time I talked to you ,my mind used to silently wisper how it is at ease and how full of gratitude that you take time to talk to me…
I wish I had told you how thrilled I used to feel to be sitting next to you…
And now I’m mumbling apologies to this paper because you ears are out of my reach now…

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this is how life teaches us lessons

diya rayan @diya16


Yeah,take the good from it and leave the res just as a bad dream

This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

rjs @rohanmeet


Hi u r so motivated


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