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You SHOULD care about how people perceive you.

There should be a fine line between caring how people perceive you but not caring how their internal opinions about you.

You should care about being PERCEIVED as high-value, charming, even ruthless

But how people internally think about you shouldn’t matter to you at all.

Because if you have the social backing- everybody will always speak highly of you in public-


Because they know what could happen if they don’t- they will be socially isolated thanks to your immense network.

Of course, most people will genuinely highly regard you both externally and internally.

But the few critics, who always want to put you down- won’t even dare when they know they will risk their own reputation on the line by speaking out against you.

What are your thoughts on this perspective?

1 reply

Nice topic, honestly.
I don’t know whether you are right or not… Because it’s something which always hinders me.
I don’t care how anyone perceives me, or think internally about me, tbh.
But a lot of times I feel I got misunderstood… And people don’t actually perceive me and I perceive myself, but I don’t care and I don’t know whether it’s a right thing or not?

What do you think?


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