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Sophie @sophiehope

You nearly gave me a heart attack. When you told me you’re doin’ well. Is it obvious you’re all I had?. And the last month’s been like hell. Guess I’m lonely thinkin’ that you moved on. And I’m sorry if I’m comin’ off too strong. Never thought I’d see the shape of pain. Standin’ in the front porch light. Is it obvious I’m not okay?. Never thought this could happen to us. Guess I’m just a memory livin’ in your past. But I never thought you’d forget me so fast. Cause I’m starin’ at these photographs. I guess the good things ain’t meant to last. I gave you forever, you gave a few months. I’ve never fallen for anyone but you. And now I’m looking at the wall. Wonderin’ just what you’re feelin’ now. If this is what love’s about then I’m so good without it. I know you probably don’t relate. I bet you met somebody new. I don’t need no pity from you. You just do what you gotta do. Is it normal for the pain to grow from fear? Am I weak for thinkin’, “I wish you were here”?

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