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you made me smile today. so much time had passed since we had last had a genuine conversation, i had forgotten what it felt like to be around you. today, you called me pretty. you said i have a beautiful smile and suddenly i remembered just how much i’ve always loved your hazel eyes. you said you’ve missed talking to me and suddenly i remembered all the imaginary conversations i had planned in my head. i had made sure i had a response for every bitter phrase that would come out of your mouth but never did i ever imagine those words would be everything except bitter. let me be honest, i had definitely not imagined this.
somehow, i feel like you’re lying. somewhere on the inside, i’m hoping you’re not. and when all of a sudden we seem to be standing too close and you smile the widest i’ve ever seen you smile, i am sure you’re not.
you’re here. you’re back.

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i relate to this on a spiritual level


i am going to cryyyy. i relate to this so much. oh his brown eyes. and the way he talks. and how we started talking again and its so beautiful but i know there’s nothing more than friendship.


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