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You know what, things goes right for a few weeks and suddenly I again start feeling bad about, everything around. I start to hate myself and the decision that I took. One year back she told me that her parents are seeing someone for her and now she had to decide between me and that guy. I donโ€™t know but I told to think about it on her own and take a decision which she felt was correct. I know I kind of left no choice to her. I didnโ€™t really stopped her from going away. I still remember those days when she used to ask me what she should answer her parents. She used to cry a lot. At that time I didnโ€™t realized that all these things are going to be very crucial. One day she calls me and then we decide to get apart. I still canโ€™t remember what day it was how it happened. And why it happened. Itโ€™s been a year, she is engaged and we guys are still friends. I donโ€™t know i canโ€™t stay away from her. I love her and I know that. I donโ€™t know if she has moved on but I am still into her and it really hurts that she is not with me. She loves someone else now and all those things that we had planned for us is theirs now. I miss her so much. But I canโ€™t tell this to her because I know that will break her and then she wonโ€™t talk to me. She was in love with me once and if she still loves me even a little then she canโ€™t see me like this. She has totally moved on. I am happy for her because you know that guy with whom she is engaged now is also very good. And they guys make good pair. But I am sad for myself because now itโ€™s not me with her. The reason that we are not together is maybe because we come from different religions. I miss her. I will miss her all my life.

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Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma


I completely understand you. You once planned something but it didnt happen. Its because there is something else planned for you. How are you going to get it if you dont move forward? If you guys are meant to be then you will be together in future. Dont lose faith.


I understand


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