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you know sometimes there are certain people or certain instances in your life where you feel like if you close your eyes for a while and then open them, you’ll see those certain people standing there, right in front of you and that sight would make you feel at peace, it does make you feel at peace. so everytime something goes wrong, you’d close your eyes and know that you will open them to an explosion of comfort and peace. and that’s what i did. but then this one time you close your eyes and then you open them and those people aren’t standing there anymore. that discomfort and loneliness hits you so hard that you just shut your eyes and never open them again.
i’ve had my eyes shut for a long long time. and i don’t know if im ready to open them yet.

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Ananya @ananya2

Don’t rush yourself to open them then! It’ll happen naturally maybe? Live in the moment even if you know its not going to last


Every relatable, when your best friends leaves you, you feel like you have no place to go to.


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