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You know I have always been unlucky in love and I’m constantly blaming myself that I didn’t do this right or that right and I should behave more like her or things like that but in the end whatever I do, it’s not it. I have come to a point where I have started having love because naturally doesn’t even happen to me and I’m so so tired. I just really want to be in a small happy relationship. It feels bad when all your friends are dating. What should i do? I’ve lost all hope

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Your all friends are dating, it means they ran behind many girls. I know everyone needs a girl for pleasure but not every girl will be interested in you. Just keep trying to talk to other girls, maybe someday someone will fall in love with your looks, behaviour and soul.


Whether it is a pleasure or desire. Think that when girl is also a human. They also decide whom to choose. This is my suggestion to you.

Don’t get too attached to a person that you will hesitate or cry after a breakup.

See life as a game not a movie(only a hero and a heroine.)
Here in life everyone think that they are awesome.
Expectations are the cause of sadness.
Don’t focus on only one person.


Don’t expect that the particular person will like you if you like him/her.

Love should be given not taken. Seeing your crush happy should be a happiness for you. This is real love and compassion.


The relevant person should enjoy our conversation.

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Ujjwal @ubrdj

Grass always appears greener on the other side!!
How can you be so sure that all people in relationships are happy??
This generation has the ability of hiding every minute detail…You’ll meet your Mr/Ms Right whenever the TIME is right. Just don’t loose hope and use this peaceful time for self development and learn from the success stories and most importantly mistakes of people around you or the ones you admire, as life’s to short to learn from your own mistakes only😉Tc and God bless ya

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Simran @st1199

It’s not the way you talk but the way someone else wants.
It isn’t necessary that everyone has to find you interesting by the way you talk and it’s completely fine to not be dating.
I am to dating, I have never been in a relationship doesn’t mean I don’t want one, or I have never tried one but I believe in everything happens at the right time and then I’ll put my efforts to get that thing right.
Nothing can be done if you compare to others. So what they are? They got their partner and you didn’t. You will when you have to.

Love can’t be begged it comes to you naturally.


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