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You know I bought a Jenday conure last year on October 29 so he could help me deal with my depression, I named him Camilo and he really did help me cope with depression. About 2 months after I got him I clipped his nails and I clipped a little too much and he started bleeding, I felt bad and calmed down the bleeding. Ever since he doesn´t enjoy my presence, when my family takes him out he is happy and enjoys being with them and it makes me really sad that he doesn´t like me since he started attacking me for months now. I tried gaining his trust but it´s useless.
I’ve been feeling pretty down lately so I going to get another one because I can´t deal with the sadness and anxiety. Hopefully, this new bird won´t hate me too, I´ve gotten back to my old habits of cutting so that´s another reason I want a bird so I can calm myself down

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hey not everyone is the same but being emotionally dependent on another animal or person has never offered true stability for me. i think it would be best to not get another animal, ofc i do not know what is best for you but I terms of finding happiness another animal isn’t reliable. i i wish you the best of luck in life, and if you get another bird I wish you the best of luck towards that


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