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You know I always have a problem when it comes to communicating through others. Whether it is like a family member or a classmate and sometimes people who are used to be close to me. I don’t know how to approach them properly or what to say so I just came up on my own and ignore them but mostly I always say such unnecessary things like what they call nonsense and mostly again they tell things to me behind my back such as I am being an arrogant and a jerk or whatever you call them. And most of the time I hate myself and my stupid mouth for always saying such unnecessary things that always makes me look like a fool. Well yeah maybe I am. A fool who doesn’t want to befriend by anyone. Even in my own family. I just only wanted to be normal even though I am nervous or sad or angry. I am not always myself. And speaks like I am always on the air. Absent minded from what you call it. I want to be a normal person. Who thinks vefore he speaks who doesn’t even forget something so easily. I want to be just me. Any tips for being absent minded and not always being myself whenevr I spoke? I just wanted to be reach out. People always tells me that they are always there for me but the truth is they are the one who’s always makes me feel down. And I hate it. Any tips?

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I think you should not think this much. Just be careful of your words. Don’t overthink. Just be you and do whatever makes you happy. even if it includes distancing yourself from some people. because if they really cared about you they wouldn’t have let you down. People are like a herd, believe me as I say nobody cares about what you did or say after a while even if it was awful


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