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Morgan @idk4736

You know how some adults not all but a lot of adults don’t understand the stress their children are dealing with. And honestly I feel as if there is even more stress on children then there was some time ago with the wars tho there was stress. I feel that parents have more expectations of wanting there child to be successful. But the stress to be perfect, get good grades, and to be in perfect shape. I know the stress cause I’m a teen my parents are wanting me to healthy their expecting me to go to the University of Tennessee they want me to be normal. I sometimes feel as if I’m an embarrassment to my family because of my own body and brain. I’m not fit or skinny, I’m a shut in, and I’m just not like the rest of my family. And when I look at myself in the mirror I see my chubby cheeks and acne all over my face and I think I look disgusting not on the outside I mean on the inside I feel I’m not good enough and I shouldn’t be allowed to be normal or at least the image of what other s think is normal. And I don’t its right that I have to think I have to be normal or perfect and no one else should think they to need to be perfect and not themselves. Because if we keep ourselves shackled to what we see as perfect or normal we cant live the lives we want. Look at me I’m a teen that lives with her parents who is secretly lesbian and a furry cause I don’t know how my parents will react also I don’t want to give birth and as I get older my parents expect me to have children. Some times I just want to scream shut up and tell them straight to their faces that I am lesbian but can’t cause the expect me to be perfect and have children. And I don’t know what to do. What I am trying to say is I want people to stop this stress to be perfect and stopping themselves to be who they want to be.

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