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you knew. you knew everything since day. you knew how i was. still you chose to be with me or i would say you pretended to be with me. i never doubt you. i saw you with her more than infinite number of ties but i never doubted you. why would i? the day you introduced her to me as your bestf, i accepted and saw her as your bestf. even, i used to consider her as my bestf. my sister warned me that it’s something more but you know what i replied? grow up girl, these things are common in friends. if you truely love her, why me? why did you take my capability of trusting this world? you know na relationships are my biggest strength be it with you with friends with family, RELATIONSHIPS ARE IMPORTANT FOR ME, YOU KNEW IT. still you chose this path. you could have told me, i would have backed out from your life happily. you tore me into pieces. i can never find myself again. i just want to ask one last question “was it fake all? did you love me for a fraction of seconds?” those moments, i don’t think those are fake right? you can’t do this to me. BUT YOU DID IT. I SAW YOU WITH HER IN OUR FAVORITE SPOT. i don’t know what to do. if i curse you that would be a disrespect for whatever relationship we had. i don’t know whether you respected it or not, but i did it so i won’t curse you. THANK YOU FOR TAKING MY TRUST AWAY.

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I can feel you girl.
The worst that can happen in relationship is cheating.
But , you will get through this.

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Anuj Chauhan @anujchauhan



Hello ?

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surbhi Rajput @isur

I can feel the pain you are going through. It always shocks me to see how can people become so insensitive about others feelings. But hold up with all that you got. Things will take time but eventually you’ll start feeling whole again. Once this will pass you’ll meet a better version of yourself. And would be worth it😘


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