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Shunya πŸ”† @chosenone

You i be what i want be. Digitally

When you be what you want be.
people will push you down for who you are.

Not you but the voice you have is a value.

Having a digital voice needs courage to put your point and not moving or depressing from any comments. Being strong, rude, and equally compassionate, humble - dynamic is an art.

Creative intellect is powerful when blend up with communication.

They will make you think you are senseless.

But are you ?


Who knows your intentions? Words are not truth. Intentions and actions are.

Fight them, don’t let them change you. See your own mistakes before pointing out others.

That’s it.

Don’t choose everyone to talk. It’s of no use. Be specific. To the pont. Even when someone think you are lame. Don’t go back and prove that you are not.

Have a mastery over self.

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Still a long way to go for self mastery…

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