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Vishwanath @imagine_a_night

You guys ever think your choice is bad? Like the person you are choosing is not bad but your choice is bad.

So I had a total of 2 crushes in my life till now. It took me a lot of time to confess to them. But I eventually figured out that it’s better to not be with her. After that I thought that it would be really hard for me to like somebody. After many years passed and got a crush again on a girl. My 2nd crush is older than me. She is cheerful, talkative and extrovert. We had some good communication for a good time and I also asked her for a date. Even though she said no, we still hung out together. But afterwards I realised that she is not interested in me.

Now I think will it actually be possible someone to be genuinely interested in me and me in them? I am generally a normal talkative person and add humour wherever possible.

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Vishwanath @imagine_a_night

I can feel your pain bro. For the confession thing I can only say that just think they are a normal human being. That way it will be easier for you to talk to them and you will feel more confident. What I also realised is that no one is special. Everyone is normal. We just make them special because of our emotions. Talking to them as normal person makes the conversation more smooth.


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