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No one 111 @jarul

You don’t have to quit to find yourself a better job. Head hunters everywhere can find you a job where you are valued as a human being and an employee. You don’t have to be a horrible job working for the man. You can apply online while you’re working. If you have to go for an interview during work hours, you can easily request a Skype interview and most companies oblige. Also being honest about what bothers you at your current job to your boss or supervisor can change a lot for you. There is no harm in shooting your shot.

2 replies

i mean, this is so important right? we spend 10 hours of our day x 5 days of a week at said JOB, travelling to it et al. and then, we don’t even enjoy the experience, i mean what’s the point of it all? has everyone just lost the will to live? and by that i do not mean the live to survive, i mean the will to thrive and live your life to enjoy all the bounties it has to offer…

Khushboo @khushboo

True. Quitting job to search another job is not the only solution. You can search new job even by pursuing current job. Take decisions wisely. All the best.


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