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you can’t ask someone to not worry about their thighs or poor vocabulary. what i mean is, you can’t ask yourself to not be insecure. because i know you want to be pretty and have thin thighs with an amazing vocabulary but you’re not entitled to. you’re allowed to worry about them, you’re allowed to cry about them and you’re allowed to rant about them. but, you have to keep in mind, that all this isn’t going to do anything for you. it might make you feel a little better and lighter but that’s all. you’re not going to magically have an amazing vocab and pretty thighs. you have to do something about if it’s bothering you a lot. don’t wait for destiny or fate to finally make you pretty. do something, run around and google new words or something but do something. of course, you can just sit and be lazy too and yes you’re allowed to cry later but i don’t want you to live in regret, you know? you have the chance to improve it and you have the chance to change it and trust me, not many people do. if it doesn’t bother you that much and you’re happy the way you are, then that itself it beautiful. because honestly, i can’t find anything more beautiful than someone who is perfectly content with themselves. to see someone who is happy with the way they are would actually be a sight for sore eyes because we rarely see that these days. and it’s sad because we are so engrossed in being something else and we want to fit into the idea that everyone has put into our minds and it’s not actually wrong but it’s sad because i truly believe you were beautiful the way you were before too. because don’t you think wearing black lipstick and chokers just for the sake of being cool is a lil too much? I mean, black nail paint isn’t that pretty anymore anyways. and chokers? they just choke you into being something else? there’s this line about trend or fashion, “we don’t follow trends, we make trends,” and I suppose that’s what everyone should believe too that they don’t have to be anything to satisfy anyone, if you want to change yourself and you want to lose weight, that’s good. but do it for yourself and not because you want the guy in the tuition to notice you.

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Charu A @charua

Yes! YES yes! YES I cannot emphasise enough how much I agree! xx

Prachi @prachi

“don’t wait for destiny or fate to finally make you pretty. do something, run around and google new words or something but do something.” HIT ME HARD! YESSSSS EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS!

Mr. Anonymous @mranonymous

You just can’t ask someone to be okay if they’re not fine. Destiny means nothing if you don’t get your ass up working for your dream. Can’t judge about someone’s choice for how they want themselves to look like. But a well explained thought though. Keep expressing Chahat, it’ll help the world.


Oh god,yes.


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