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Vaishali @vaishalivarsh

You are confused that what makes you happy when the person is not around who is the reason of your happiness… you dont know what makes you calm … at the moment you are like ., " Ki kuch karne ka man ni kar rha hai" ! You are getting bored from every activity you are doing! .may be you just want to pour your heart out and wanna cry out loud!
But I know this will not work too! Bcz I had tried this earlier as well. You are not aware what to do… how to do… its just like a mess in your head

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I think its all connected with the emotions and the companionship my love, you need to take some time out for yourself and be kind towards yourself please.

Dartmouth @mortalzar

You see…you shall associate your happiness with something rigid…that is inseparable from you.

Let’s say for eg.
Hobby: some hobby makes u Happy…and no one can take that away from u.

Person: if u associate your happiness with someone make sure…that person is inseparable

So choose your associations wisely…



Sach yeh hai ki humare sorrounding jo bhi hai sab temporary hai…Hume bas khud ko yaad dilana padta h ki everything’s temporary. That’s Life! In the end tum hi khud ke saath rhogi, tum apni story ki main character ho. Toh apne aap ko strong rkho. It takes time but you will understand

Rumi @rumi07

That’s y we should never depend our happiness on ppl because they change

Dartmouth @mortalzar

But we can find someone who won’t subject to change…I know it’s difficult to find such individual.

But there isn’t Xero% possibility of that…

Dartmouth @mortalzar

Btw…that’s pretty cool username…
Is it derived from the name of a Persian bard

Rumi @rumi07

Bro change is inevitable , everyone is dynamic, we don’t change when we are dead :)

Dartmouth @mortalzar

That is right…but you can’t apply this fact like blanket to cover every aspect of the life…


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