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Yesterday my friends bf broke up with her and she told me that she’ve been stress, overthinking alot and it hurts her so much she asked me for a advance on how to move on and a quote and as her guy best friend who’ve been through the same thing i told her “Before i gave you what you asked come with me tomorrow morning at 5 we’re gonna jog so Just a few hours ago we jogged and while we’re at the middle of it she asked me where we are going but i didn’t tell her where but i told her.” Think of this as your process of moving on… Think The Place where we’re going is your destination which is what you want(to move on) the things that i want you to do for now is not to look at the path to your destination but to look around the beauty of nature around you. Think of them as your friends and my advice the i’ll give towards you cause you see if you only focus at the process if moving on you’ll only focus on that thing you became depressed and sad at the process but if you also looked around you, you won’t be sad at the process for you’re getting/seing what you want and need which is my advice and your friends, at your process of moving on and feeling better i want you to enjoy your journey remember Happiness is not a Destination but the journey" so we slowed down for a bit she looked around her and we never talked for a minute, by the time we’re near our destination i told her “You made it, Now enjoy the view and enjoy your life after you’ve moved on” she hugged me and 00me and after a few minutes of rest we head over to our house and i chatted her the advice that she seeked.

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Hiren Shah @hirenshah

What a kind thing😊
Thank you for sharing ….


Wow that’s some really good advice, and you’re such a good friend.
I actually wouldn’t be surprised if she were to fall in love with you in the future.


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