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Yesterday my ex asked my best friend for my number gladly she didn’t gave it but… i tbh wanted to give him my number dunno if he is in some problem or idk but he is my ex now and i hate the way he used to fight with me and ruined my mood so im just trying to move on… can someone tell me how to move on cz I don’t talk to him, also i deleted all his photos but i still remember our texts and have a habit of listening some emotional ass songs that reminds me of him… so um basically how can i move on properly and how can i stop missing him…?


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See… There’s not a particular solution or way to move on. It depends on people to people. I know it’s been very hard for you. But you are very strong and you can do it. Make yourself realise your worth. Focus on the things useful to you. And show him what he lost because of his damn mistakes.


Yeah most probably anyways thanks for making me comfort:))


I know how you are feeling… we me n my ex still work in the same team… its like the only way to move on is by quitting my job… but if you aren’t in touch with that person… you are half way there… it’s good… take your time to heal… do things you love… some day you will succeed and some day you will cry… but at least you can try


Yess, like i will find ways to make myself busy so I can’t remember him

So u can 100% forget. As that person was important to you a while ago, it will surely leave a hole, after break up. And maybe he misses you too ( the reason he wants your no. , uk to contact you again ) .
In my case , I just did what I should have like study , focusing on career . Even worked as volunteer for some ngo. Gradually I started to move on. But sometimes even now also I stalk him. I have no regrets that I left him. And i might find someone else, better than him or worse , idk.
so in short , Just keep your mind engaged.



Yeah tbh im also focusing on my studies and i want to thats why I didn’t let my best friend to give him my number else i would probably give him all my attention

Exaactly!! just divert your mind to other things.