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Yesterday, I saw the FB profile of the guy I dated last year.
We don’t talk anymore for 5 months already we both choose to separate ways because of me afraid of being relationship and him still in love with her ex. As the Past months passed by I still loved him and wanted him back. The Last word he told me was β€œThat I’m hard to love”.
But every day those months my only prayer was he would meet someone that could be love him the way he wanted to be loved. And then I saw this FB profile her hands and the hands of a girl wearing a watch. Deep in my heart, I feel small pain and I feel Happy too. Pain because I still love him and wanted him but it’s not me anymore. Happy because finally someone could take care of him, love him, and believe in him. I also thank God that he answered my prayer for him. And me still praying that someday I gonna meet again another person that for me. Also, I’m blessed bcoz I still have my parents and siblings by my side. Loving a person is not just about you loving him/her when you see him/her happy that is called love.

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I dont know why but this post made me feel warm from inside! Hope you get whatever you wish for!!


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