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Yesterday, I met the person I was waiting to meet since 1 month.
We matched on a dating app. He was very different from rest of the guys as he was not looking for anything casual. Same as me. I found him very different and fascinating. We found many similarities amongst ourselves. I had never related to a person more than I did to him. I almost felt like I probably have fallen for a guy without even meeting him.
But when I met him. It just didn’t click. Maybe he was not as per the way I imagined. But I still told myself that I should not be judging anyone like that and was ready to give him and myself a shot. Meaning-I could actually date him.
But, he kinda rejected me. Saying that he cannot feel any passion between both of us. And he doesn’t feel that he could date me.
Initially seeing him, I felt that he is definitely not my type. For some reason I felt that. But him rejecting me has risen so many self doubts in me that I feel that no one ever fall in love with me.
By this time, I have been told that the person doesn’t feel any emotional connection with me.
Why does it happen like that?
Is it because I emit some negative frequency?

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Lekin tum mili usse yahi tumhari achi baat lagi muje sayd wo tumhare liye nhi bna tha isliye jyada tension na karo wahi acha hoga apke liye cutie

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Just consider it blessings because somethings happens for good and by the way it turn out good for u that u only waste one month otherwise people waste years and then figure out they don’t want that person

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Joker 😈😈😈 @joker279

Well it’s good that you met him. There is negative emission i agree but you have tried to neglect it and just go with the flow. But the person whom you were with had also a negative approach otherwise after some self doubts he might have kept on going with you thinking one day you will get convinced


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