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Yesterday i meet bunch of my best friend but to be really honest i felt so left out from their talk and vibes. I was just fake smiling and one of friend love my bf which makes me so awkward that i don’t know what to say. And on top of it all i argue with my bf, he hate her (my best friend) i don’t know but i don’t want to be part of that bestie group they went ahead of me that i don’t count myself as their friend anymore. I don’t know what to do

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Same happened with me… It’s like they made their own plans and when I called them they were saying yaa meet me here n I called another frnd then he said we all are together I was like shut tf and I didn’t went with them and stayed with my bf

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Same i left them because i was not who i used to be like i am forgetting and falling deep on the ocean


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