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Yesterday before the class ended me and my classmates talk while waiting for our teacher to come check the room. My classmate bring up the topic about who looks different when in there house, my classmate justine Raised his hand and said “I know one of the guy here. 🤭” we asked who and he said “The Class president hehehe, he may look just like a nerd around here at our school but i once saw him at the boarding house and damn he looks hot. If you don’t believe me lets stalk him tomorrow.” we all search around the room where adrian is and our secretary said that he’s went to the faculty room to call our teacher. After that we all planned to stalk him tomorrow which is today. And yesterday me and the other girls stalk him a little to know where he lives and head home after it. Today after the class ended at 2:30pm 20 of us gathered and tell the plan. At 2:45 our class president head home we all waited until 3 so that it wont be suspicious and we can see him at his house after he change clothes but Justine followed him so that he chats us after our president arrived at his apartment. After justine chatted us we all went to the apartment ASAP after that we went in his door knock it and hides at the corner, our class president opened the door in a sando and in a jogging pants and damn he looks so hot all my classmate expression is shock. Our class president suddenly closed his door but the boys stopped it and all of us barged inside and his room is so clean, he’s watching anime and cooking. All 20 of us stayed inside for a while and our after our class president finished cooking he told us “Lets fool around while it’s still early” he put on his shoes locked the door and we all head to the nearest arcades and Caffè afterwards. Almost every single person looks at the president while we’re walking as if he’s a star😆. After a few hours we all split up and head home. I never expected that he was such a cool guy to hangout with and a person who could look like that. Crazy day🤩

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Nice to read to this happy story : )


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