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Yeh Khaali pan,
yeh tere na hone ka ehsas,
Hmare sath hone wle din ka ehsas,
wo tere befikre andaaz,
lekin ab tera na hona pas deti h wahi ek Khaali pan ka ehsas,

Jalta hoon mai uss ladke se, jisne tujhe mujhse Cheena,
lekin jb tk tu na chahti tujhe kaise koi mujhse cheentha
Sayad galti meri hi thi,Β  jism_e_mohabbat k duniya m Ruhani_ishq rah gya mein dhundta,

Galti meri hi h, sayad kabhi tujhe ehsas naΒ  kra paaya apne Ishq ka,
Sayad galti meri hi, khud Krishna na hote hue bhi tujhe apni Radha Maan liya tha
Sayad mujhe Ishq tha tujhse aur tujhe mere ishq krn se

Aaya hoon mai sb haar kr Mahadev se aas,
Na manga kabhi inse tere sath kuch bura ho,
bs manga ab tu mujhse Puri trh se juda ho

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