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Sheza Sajid @escapevelocit...

Yeah So I want to be the perfect everything this year I want this year to be the change year where I actually significantly notice change between 2021 and 2022 I wanna get rid of them hip dips I want clear skin I want dev(my bf) to stop doing whatever the fuck hes doing… cause its been 3 months and its not making me feel good and following are the things… we met after 2.5 months it was planned by me the whole time I noticed he was trying to make me feel jealous in very subtle ways he brought his ex up in our conversation thrice… and it was so subtle that I hadnt noticed till I got back home and actually thought about it so there was absolutely no reaction from me and Im actually not jealous but he was trying and that was definitely intentional… second hes trying to distance himself we dont talk as much and third the ones thats bothering me the most is that hes trying to make me feel insecure about my appearance like every single time were out hes either going on about my hair or my skin or something anything actually but its every single time. AND I just want to know why hes doing all this cause its not a coincidence thats for sure.
second of all I want to be calm and confident I can be very bubbly and hyper when Im happy but I wanna know how I can make that switch in my personality when needed like I need actual steps to make me feel more in control of what Im saying and how I should come across as more confident I also want this to get into a good medical college this year preferably in the uk but I reallly really want it! I wanna be more emotionally secure with myself like I want to just get rid of this place where Im getting very much bothered by what ppl say about me I wanna change that

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Okay girl, so i usually don’t read long post but yours seemed somewhat what half of us are struggling with - our own self.

I’ll make it simple for you-

1. Loose that guy… too many red flags.
Why does he suddenly see so many flaws in you? Prolly because he wants to get rid of you. So my advice, loose him before he does.

2. Focus on your career, it’ll take you places not even you can imagine.
Take my word on this, I’m the girl who constantly underestimates herself and ends up f*cking up everything in my life with the result, I’m constantly slipping in and out of depression but there’s one thing and only one thing that gives me complete satisfaction even on my bad days, and that’s my work, my career. I live for that shit. Kaafi liberating.

3. About feeling insecure on how you look, someone taught me this mantra that really helped me “F*ck it, I’ve got it all”. Repeat this religiously and you’re golden.

Rest if you’re genuinely struggling and need a friend, drop a text :)

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Sheza Sajid @escapevelocit...

omg this helped seethe thing is Im not necessarily bothered about him so much anymore I just wanna know why hes behaving the way he is cause I didnt give him a reason…
2) youre right its just the 12th boards and college transition year 2022 so I wanna do things right…
but this helped really

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It’s a phase of transition. It sucks. It’ll phase out. Don’t worry.


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