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Yeah i have been in several relationships. I approached none. But now i am the one who is suffering a lot. Do i look like a slut or bitch? Just because i was in many relationships and and not a virgin doesn’t mean that i sleep with everyone. I searched for some care, but i didn’t get it. I trusted all the fake in that search. Got nothing but betrayal and ignored by those people. Is that my fault? A girl like me can never get a love care from anyone, except her family. Because i am not good looking. All the boys who came and ruined my life proved it. I still had faith on humanity. But i lost the last one when my friend avoided me for my past relationship things. Don’t i deserve a life? Don’t i deserve love? Am i not capable of love? Am i destined only to observe love in the surroundings?

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one day you’ll find your love and your happiness. know your worth and don’t let other people opinion make you feel like you are worthless❤️


Don’t lose faith. One day you will be loved and cared for by the right person. To have many relationships does not at all mean that you are a slut etc. You were exploring and did not find the right person yet. You deserve love and happiness.


I don’t know if anyone would agree with what I’m about to say.
I believe everything in this world is calculated and precisely decorated but
love and friendship should not be a calculated decision. you should not search for a person who can fulfill all your needs. everything comes along when it’s time.
with this , I am not saying don’t talk to anyone or do anything. try not to expect them to be according to your expectations.
I wish you find all the happiness in the world

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn

Dear Anonymous,
Everyone loses their virginity eventually. If you don’t, I’ll immediately assume you’re lonely unless you’re under the age of 45.
You’re worth the world. Everyone is. Your friend is toxic. When you drop a relationship, it’s often because you weren’t fit for each other.
Slut or bitch? More like brave or strong. You seem pretty badass. Take on the world!
I apologize for my language, I know I’m too young to use those words. 😅

Best of luck!

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