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Y’all wanna know what I’m mad about today? i mean, not particularly today, but mostly constantly is how me ex-best friend (we’re still very great friends just not best friend level anymore) is not friends with my ex anymore (my ex cheated on me fyi) not because that’s what supportive friends should do, BUT BECAUSE HER BOYFRIEND DOESN’T LIKE HIM COZ HE THINKS THERE WAS SOMETHING UP BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM SO…Yeah that’s da tea sisters, these so called best friends and boyfriends ain’t shit…fuck 'em all

3 replies

No one 111 @jarul

Sounds about right. All ex friends are snakes, which is exactly why they aren’t in your life anymore


NOBODY AIN’T SHIT. Don’t any fucking one get you down. Do your own thing


Calling ex-friends snakes is an insult to snakes. Other than that I completely agree with you. @jarul


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