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Aileen Gamez @aileengamez1

Y’all so I just found out that my period, well technically PMS, is fucking causing me HOT FLASHES AND NIGHT SWEATS. Like I shower and everything and they still come back 😭😭😭 I’ve been losing sleep because of it too. Someone help me!!! Old lady mode activated early LMAOO

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hey girlie, the same things happens to me on my periods as well, the best advice i can give is drink as much water as possible. like two glasses every 15 minutes or so. this has literally changed my life!!

Aileen Gamez @aileengamez1

Thank you!

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Kayleigh<3 @kayleigh_336

connect with me we’ll talk

Aileen Gamez @aileengamez1


ARIF AF @aarif

If you need to talk we can


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