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Yaar ye parents se itna pressure kyo hai?
I mean they are already telling me that iam a failure because iam impaiteint now if I am a failure wtf are the pushing me so hard I can’t do this I feel like running away somewhere far and never return here

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Hey kiddo ,
U said u r 15 , I’m 33 my parents say the same abut me even know and since I can recall of today I’m a corporate head facility Manager earing even in this pandemic way to much by god’s grace and do to this pressure eventually it will help u u listen to them as well as do what u find is good make a balance 50% there n 50% of ur choice u r still very young there a generation gap but that u will have to define not them there method may be wrong but they want best for u by these thoughts running away may be the easy way out n I m sure ur parents didn’t give birth to a runner who runs away every time seeing a problem be tough hold ur thoughts n if u really wish to sort it out best is to talk to them explain ur feelings to them tell them u r feeling so much of burden n stress that u want to run away talk to mom or dad who every u feel more comfortable to n do be a looser by running ubr proving that u r a incompetent I’m sure that u r not

Be brave talk to ur family with calm and sensible way be polite don’t be rude or stubborn kid be genuine to them they love u n want the best for there kid

Buddy stay strong n love ur family they care for u

Kyuki unko ese meh lgta hai…ye chiz aapko motivate kr degi…but esa hota ni hai…so esa mat socho aap…unka tarika galat hai…pat intention nahi hote galat…so ya toh jab wo shant ho you should talk… kindness se…humble words k sath…or unki baato ko dil se na lia kro…btaya na tarike sahy ni hote…but in the end they want your betterment


But it’s stressing me out what can I do iam just a 15 year old and they are. 40+ they are never ready to understand that we are different from then generation

Wahy hai naa … or dekho bhagna wagera ye kabhy option ni hai… ye Bewakoofi h…so isee better abhy calm raho …avoid kro…agr kuch bole or gusa aaye toh hat jao waha se…kabyy kabhy ignore krna hie better hota


Bhag jao kanhi.
Kuch nhi ho rha.
Dono ko akl aa jayegi aap ko bhi or parents ko bhi


I thought the same but it’s hard to survive in the real world


To samjh jao ghr vale thik hai .
trip le lo Kuch din ki jese Kisi ache relative ke ghr


in life , many of us faced this experience with parents such as yours . this is like a challenge of life which is common to all . life poses challenges all time . think of a child who loses her/his parents at a young age with no one to take care of her / him or say parents who bring up their children who are physically or mentally challenged , see my friend parents are precious gift to a child by god . if they sometimes pushes you for something that means they just want you to become something i’m sure what they are doing or thinking for you . that will be just amazing for you future as well as for you career . same happened with one of my cousins but then she realized that whatever parents do or say that’s the best thing came over for all of us . have faith . be positive . be brave . don’t go away just don’t go anywhere if you’ll left them then they can also be broken and will feel guilty . try to share your dreams or anything that uh want to and don’t be impatient . stay happy for max. times just try this listen to good songs spend time with friends and enjoy keep smile shining at your face . if you accept happiness in yourself many bad things will turn into good ones .