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Yaar Meri ek dost h ek bar 2yrs back mene kuch btayabusko family issue ab vo continuos is bare m puchti h mko pasand Kya karu.ab m uspr discus ni krna chahti.
Usko lgta hoga me education job wise egnore kri hu usko.bcos I’m jobless and they are employed.
Egnore krte bi ni banta .yr …

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It’s ok hota hai bohot log aate hai aise life mein par avoid karo usko aur ho sake utna avoid karo


She is one of my good friend from childhood…
I wish she could understand my situation.
Ik it’s my fault I should NOTexpress my family personal issue to everyone .


It’s okay to share agar dost se share nahi karenge toh kisse karenge maybe she’s different thodasa try talking or just kindly and randomly say I don’t want to talk about it now stress aata hai aisa vaisa kuch bhi


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