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ya am changed and am happy , now i dont wait the clock to ticks 10:30pm. I dont switch on mobile only to see you if you are online or not. Now i dnt stalk on your profile. The dreams i have only seen is slowing going to fades away. The colourful memories which i saw with you are slowly becoming dark. Now its too much dark i forget how you looks . Am soo much weak i cant do anythings , now my heart finally understood am not the one for you. Now i dnt beg for that love and will i be happy if i get her ? is she really loves then why she is not accepting me . . and yes she knows everything how much i care and my daily efforts which i put to her are not really enough ? The main thing is i have to understand my stubborn will not let me happy . Everypeople wont get the things which they want its the law of nature then how can i supposed myself that i will make you fall in love . . .
ya i lost myself in searching for the love like the traveller lost in desert in search of water. ya am not sad and now i didnt feel any pain in my hearts because i gave soo much pain now i get no wonder of getting any emotional attack . Now i dnt see you in dream . . . Now i can sleep without dreaming you and now my feelings have been dead for you and i dnt want to reborn that feelings. . .

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Hope u move on and find someone who accepts for who u are…😊


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