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Wrote a really heartfelt message to my friend telling her how her behaviour has been affecting me recently and all she replied was may we all get the people we deserve and shes acting like she doesn’t even care :)

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Heyy thankyou so muchhh im someone who overloves i used to make her feel special give her lots of gifts but she didnt seem to care, we live in the same dorm but our rooms are different i started getting along with her room mates she didnt seem to like that either i mean im her best friend she shouldn’t feel insecure, then she told me not to join her uni friends group because they wont like it but in actual its her who gets insecure and i dont understand why im her bestfriend, i had a different friend circle in the first year of uni but due to some misunderstandings we parted then i made her my friend and now she has ditched me so my old friends sensed it and approached me again and now im realising who my true friend is

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

alisha @i_d_k

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