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Writing diary really helps when you’re overthinking…or when you’re happy or when you want to practice gratitude. Also, it keeps things noted so that you can look back from future to analyse things…or especially when you’re bhulakkad like me.

For e.g. if someone keeps manipulating you in some ways…after some time of manipulation you actually give yourself excuses that, that person might not be as worse as you think. If you keep it noted you would realise the case instantly!

P.s. you don’t need to write it everyday compulsorily. You have these moments where you feel like writing πŸ™ƒ

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ani @abc20


recently i resumed writing. not just the feelings and thoughts but also note lyrics, poems, lines ihad heard which moved me. but it seems I’m mostly noting the sad part. only writing about the past, and it really really hurts thinking about it. hopefully when future me reads it, they will take notes and learn to grow from the past, not be sad again after reading and reliving them.


I understand. Writing it down feels better. But I would suggest you to write positive stuff too. Because when you write, the next day you would find/observe more positive stuff to write.

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