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Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author is unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.
I feel a career block. Unable to understand what to do!?.. Lost interest in everything… Need help!


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I’m literally at same phase. I’m so damn depressed about everything.
Lot of pain on my mind & weight on my chest!


Let’s figure out what can be done!


You might be confused that whether to prepare for CA or do something else?

Lol. How do you know the same?


Saw your profile! How much time you have given it till now?

I gave my CA Final in January this year both groups.
Couldn’t make it through.
Now Since the exams are postponed I’m trying to try to study.
I’m in a bad shape yet.


Ya… These uncertainty of exams… engage yourself in some hobby, physical activities maybe that can help!

I’ll have to give it a try but then there comes the time when I feel I’m wasting my time and end up doing nothing.

Also what are you into in terms of career


Maybe you feel peer pressure?
I am unsure about my career. I get bored easily. Suggest something.

I really don’t know. It’s weird. I used to love studying. But these days its all chaos.
Don’t worry being unsure is always a good way to go!

What are your main subjects? I’d like to know, otherwise I won’t be able to suggest


I used to love studying when I started preparing for UPSC. But when I failed thrice in a row, I chose other career option. Now I’m thinking of MBA but confused because It’s hard for me to read anything. I have lost interest in giving efforts.

Oh! UPSC is a tough one. But I’m sure you must’ve gathered alot during the process.
See don’t run after academics. If you have knowledge than you are already way ahead of others.
I’d say MBA can be a good option but last time I saw MBA it is a very expensive one with very less returns on investment you make in terms of money.
It is really rough facing losses/failures I know it can break the confidence in studies.
What I’m trying these days is taking baby steps. One at a time. Literally very small. It actually works. Do one thing and it’ll keep you positive for whole day. Try next and you’ll be close to feeling good and then BAM!


You expressed it so well… M at same stage, it feels so blank yet so confusing


Let’s talk about it.