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Worn. My bf of 4 years (24 years old) has started to display symptoms of mental illness, from what I learned with my degree, my professional/educated diagnosis is schizo-effective with bipolar tendencies. The kicker is he is caught is a viscous struggle with amphetamines… which can make the paranoia worse and it’s gotten to where he has this elaborate theory that I’m behind it all… BUT ONLY WHEN HE IS HIGH. I’ve been accused of being a whore who fucks anyone . I’m untrustworthy and i apparently can’t be trusted with any money or at all. He recent went through all of my diaries and journals (total if 8or9) and ripped out all the pages where I talk about anything he has done that may not be playing by the rules. I have 0 privacy or boundaries- constantly askihg me to explain every second to catch me in an theoretical lie. Bring ignored is bad… so much on my plate … help me

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Break up with him.
Dont hold onto the time that yall have spent together. The sweet past doesn’t matter is the present is becoming more and more bitter.
He has his own problems and it seems like if he is verbally abusing you, accusing you of being behind his problems, and giving you no privacy, that means he lacks respect for you.
Leave him.
Don’t let the fact that he is struggling with a mental illness cloud your judgment.
Ask him to seek help though.
If he refuses, LEAVE HIM.


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