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Words have been a part of my life
The harder I was pushed
More I was drawn to pieces
Started calling them my notes
As they showed me
How I really wanted to live my life,
The longer the pieces
Nights were peaceful
Sleep was easy.
But I was careful
Not to share them
They were pieces of my own self
How can I show it to someone else,
There you came along
With shining eyes,
A simple smile
But trustworthy vibes
Making me wonder
Are you really mine
Should I show you my true self
Or just let you be in mysteries and lies,
With a little hope, I grabbed a pen
Wrote down some lines with rhymes
Wanting to give you a glimpse
Of what lies behind my dark eyes,
Afraid of what you would think of me
After knowing I’m just a broken soul
Covered with colorful masks and tapes
Leading a life with no goals,
You looked at me with some
Tears in your eyes
Read it whole
And said with a whimsical smile,
I never thought
You could be
A hopeless romantic
Someone like me.

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