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Anjali Tiwari @anjali23

Words are not enough to explain the emotions,
Feelings for self has been buried deep
Self doubts and confused thoughts built a heap
Narrowing down the pathways to visit
Wanting to reach the beautiful exit.

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kumar @dilkush

Kuch bhi bolo na ji

Ankit Saxena @thenicestran...

Same situation is mine how you dealed with it if you could tell me?

Anjali Tiwari @anjali23

I am in the situation…not out of it!

Ankit Saxena @thenicestran...

Oops me too I can feel you every day is just wasting in hope of being something okay but at the end of the day it becomes hopeless😞

Ankit Saxena @thenicestran...

I will suggest you something may be it can help you just be in touch with someone who understands you very better than anyone else that person will let you out of this!

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Hie anjali

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