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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam

Women’s independence starts when she realises she is never/under no circumstances equal to men as there is no higher existence than women,women are such a specie that even god can go fumble in finding faults in them(saying this god thing just to say it/make it analytical because in my view there is no god other than women herself/themselves(which is existential truth as well)(while this poor creature called men finds it in them so easily,I dont know how so easily but as I have had glimpses of masculine consciousness i know how,its honestly a blot on existence itself))and also one thing,as I have said it earlier as well that I have even thought of equating god with evil but never women with the keypoint here is women should realise it as soon as early that it is never equal,it never was,it is never supposed to be and never it is meant to be,women is never equal to men,she is a woman and that’s it,it should settle on this and this only.

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