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Women love it when you guys chase them…

…said no one ever.

What do they love, then?

They love guys who can LEAD HER.

Understand that women just want a man who can lead them to better and wetter ways.

the truth is that most guys cannot do this and they think that chasing the woman will actually get them somewhere.

What’s worse? Society plays into this.

mainstream movies and society’s beliefs tell you to simp .

They show women as “the prize”

We’re conditioned to believe in the end of shows and movies that the simp gets the girl, but let me remind you, real life is nowhere close to the movies. The mainstream picture of a guy is nowhere close to what you want to become.

“So the question, is how do you lead her?”

1) by literally just taking your hand and going where you want to go without any permission. women don’t want you to ask for permission they want to just go where you are going as long as you’re confident about it. Remember, be bold, never weak.

2) The second way you can lead her is by making decisions for her. which dress to wear, what shoes go with it, where to go, etc. Most does not understand what she should do and say “whatever you want babe” which is a turn off for women.

3) Lead the conversation- You decide the flow of the conversation. if you don’t like a topic, you immediately change it by asking her opinion on the other thing. You also want to balance this by opening up about yourself here and there, so that it doesn’t look like an interview. She doesn’t want to take the responsibility of leading.

4) Become the connector- Become the guy who “knows a guy”. The guy that has connections everywhere and introduces people to each other. Girls always flock to the connector because they know he will have the maximum value in the circle.

There you have it, gentlemen. Some important ways to lead her.

As always, if you have any questions, reply to this.

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What should I do when a woman rejects me? I think that the mistake I’m making is respecting their decision and leaving them alone. If that’s the case, please tell me what I should do instead.


I’ve been doing that already. Thanks for not helping me in any way.

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Rejection is better, makes you wonder on how you approached and by what means, it’s not sometimes wrong with you it’s them, if they show least interest best leave them alone straight away.

you leave them not by respecting their decision but instead out of self respect. You approach show you quality to initiate, rejection is phase.

But it doesn’t stays for long.

This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

I don’t know anything other than Rejection anyway, you probably know a lot more than me. But if Rejection is better according to you, maybe I should just stop trying. I don’t want contemplation and recontemplation to be the only things in my life, because I get rejected repeatedly (which, according to you, is a good thing).

And I do that anyway. I leave them alone. Thanks for the advice tho. Very appreciated.


Wonderful post!
Should work as eye opener for people.


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