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Women, especially young women dont only have patriarchal forces to reckon with, they also have women patriarchal flag bearers in their own homes and outside to deal with. It is hard being a women.


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Its Very hard being a woman!


most definitely and that is what hurts the most


I know that it’s hard being a woman when you are always struggling to earn your position, the one you deserve in both the society and home but women are the epitome of strength and only they have the power to fight any battle in this world. My mom is the first person who told me to fight my own battles with conviction and she is the one from whom I learnt how to be strong in every situation whether good or bad.And I know the pathway out there isn’t easy for us but I’m sure every woman out there is capable of fighting every obstacle that comes in the way.


Yes! That’s the main flaw in this whole system. Women don’t support other women.